Our Story

Our story began 5 years ago when our eyes were opened to the world of food llergies and sensitivities. We discovered my son was sensitive to dairy and soy after months of suffering with acid reflux and colicky behavior. I decided to eliminate dairy and soy from my diet since I was nursing him, and he became a brand new baby. By going dairy and soy free, I was forced to look at every nutrition label for all forms of those allergens that I could be ingesting. This opened my eyes to just how many artificial and processed ingredients are in the foods that we eat. This sent me into a whole new world of healthy eating. I focused on simple, non-GMO, clean foods. Ingredients that I could pronounce, and foods I could make at home. As my son got older, we continued to be faced with food allergies which included gluten and oats. These food allergies not only cause physical issues, but also affected his speech development as well as fine motor skills development. Between my sons food allergies and my own battle with autoimmune thyroid disease, we were then introduced to the paleo lifestyle which focuses on anti-inflammatory foods and gut healing.